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Mix & Mash

Three guided tours of the Pastoral Care area and the DOCIP Documentation Centre will be organized and will start from the CAGI and DOCIP stand

Schedule: 7:15 / 8:15 / 9:15 p.m.



La Pastorale

Built in 1836, the estate, which consists of five buildings, is first and foremost the summer residence of a patrician family from Geneva, that of Eugène de Budé. By setting up in this field, the promoters of the links between the city and the international community (notably the CAGI) demonstrate that local heritage and modern facilities can coexist harmoniously. The guided tours will be led by Natalie Rilliet, 19th century specialist.



The Indigenous Peoples' Documentation, Research and Information Centre will also present its premises and, in particular, the wealth of their documents collected over the past 30 years which represent the memory on the recognition of indigenous peoples' rights at the international level. Docip has digitized, in text format, more than 10,000 documents from its extensive documentary collection  including historical documents, major reports, statements by indigenous delegates and other international or governmental actors at international conferences.




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