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Panel discussion at the CAGI's Pastorale Conference Hall from 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Geneva Declaration

Human Rights and Cultural Heritage: committed cities working together

Arche de Palmyre - Place des Nations

Palmyra Arch - Place des Nations

In March 2018, through an initiative by the city of Geneva, local cities and governments and the High Commissioner of the United Nations signed the Geneva Declaration: 'Human Rights and Cultural Heritage: Committed Cities Working Together'.

Drafted by a panel of international experts from the diverse sectors involved, this Declaration is the result of a movement of solidarity expressed by local entities in the face of the destruction of heritage sites around the world, in times of peace as well as war. It aims to explain the importance of the protection of human rights related to heritage and to propose actions to be implemented at the local level.

What is the originality and the pertinence of this Declaration amidst the plethora of texts and programmes in the domain of heritage protection? What is the added value of a human rights centred approached and, particularly, on cultural rights, in debates relating to heritage? What perspectives can new technologies bring to the field? These are some of the questions that will be tackled by the roundtable.

Geneva Declaration (pdf file)



Simulaneous translation FR-EN

  • M. Rémy PaganiAdministrative Councillor of the City of Geneva. Geneva's committment to cultural heritage: why now? Why with a Declaration?

    Dr. Patrice Meyer-Bisch, President of the Observatory of Diversity and Cultural Rights, Coordinator of the UNESCO Chair of the University of Fribourg: An approach based on cultural rights and the relevance of the role of cities regarding heritage rights

  • Dre Christiane Johannot-Gradis, Lawyer, former ICRC delegate and co-director of the NGO "Traditions for Tomorrow" whose work focuses on the protection of living cultural heritage in Latin America, notably in conflict and post-conflict situations. Cities subject to war from the angle of the Geneva Declaration

  • Dre Alexy Karenowska, Director of Technology at The Institute for Digital Archaeology and magnetician with a research group based in University of Oxford’s Department of PhysicsConserving heritage: bringing together means and meanings

  • Dr Peter Bille Larsen, Lecturer at the University of Geneva, specialist on questions of environmental governance, social equity and sustainable development. The importance of heritage for the social fabric

  • ChairmanOffice of the UN High Commission for Human Rights 






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