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Stands presenting local and international entities active in cultural heritage conservation


Associations/Organisations Activities
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Association pour le patrimoine industriel de Genève (API), was founded in 1979  with aims to safeguard and enhance regional industrial heritage. To this end, the association has published a number of books, organized seminars, meetings and events to stimulate and promote interest in the conservation of this heritage.


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Geneva's first institution active in the protection of built heritage, Patrimoine Suisse Genève, is a private association of public utility, founded in 1907 under the name Société d'art public. We are engaged in:

  • the preservation of architectural edifices worthy of interest from different styles and  periods
  • the support of quality contemporary architecture
  • landscape protection by participating in the political debate on urbanization and land use planning.





International alliance for the protection of heritage in conflict areas (ALIPH - an acronym which also designates the first letter of the Arabic alphabet) has been created to act in favour of cultural heritage in conflict areas via an aid programme which enables it to be flexible and to react quickly.

ALIPH’s three areas of intervention are: preventive protection to limit the risks of destruction, emergency measures to ensure the security of heritage, and post-conflict actions to enable local populations to once again enjoy their cultural heritage.




The United Nations General Assembly approved the establishment of the Strategic Heritage Plan (SHP) which includes the construction of a New Permanent Office Building of approximately 22,371 m2, together with the complete renovation of the main Palais des Nations complex of buildings, much of which dates back to the 1930’s. The historic buildings will be fully renovated, with priority given to ensuring health and fire safety and accessibility for persons with disabilities.




For the past 30 years, Docip has collected thousands of diverse documents on Indigenous Peoples, including Statements made at international conferences, and have classified, catalogued and made them available online to the public. Our collections include documents produced by indigenous organizations and indigenous or non-indigenous academics, major UN reports on indigenous themes, historical documents, etc. We maintain the documentation on our online database or physically in hard-copy at our Documentation Center at Docip's HQ in Geneva. Our Documentation collections constitute the collective record and memory of the recognition of the rights of Indigenous Peoples at the international level.


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UNESCO is the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. It seeks to build peace through international cooperation in Education, the Sciences and Culture. UNESCO's programmes contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals defined in Agenda 2030. In this spirit, UNESCO develops educational tools to help people live as global citizens free of hate and intolerance. UNESCO works so that each child and citizen has access to quality education. By promoting cultural heritage and the equal dignity of all cultures, UNESCO strengthens bonds among nations.



Like UNESCO, the Swiss Commission for UNESCO is committed to understanding and peace at all levels, through education, science, culture and communication. It adheres to UNESCO's values, which are enshrined in the Organization's Constitution. 70 years ago, Switzerland joined UNESCO and established the Swiss Commission for UNESCO. From 17th to 20th June 2019, a "UNESCO tent" will be set up on Waisenhausplatz in the heart of the city of Berne. It will serve as an exhibition space, a networking space and a forum for dialogue.



The National Information Centre for Cultural Heritage (NIKE) raises public awareness of Swiss cultural heritage and defends the interests of cultural property conservation in the political arena; it is a member of the Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences and Europa Nostra.


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